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Our Services

We are working as a partnership to develop collaborative and centralised services that will add significant value to the overall performance of schools. As a network that shares your overall aims and values, we are able to collectively solve problems and deliver practical solutions.

The Valley Learning Partnership offers a bespoke package for each individual member. By simply utilising our core services, you will be able to access a collective team of professionals to exchange ideas, discuss new developments and take advantage of shared opportunities.

For those with specific needs around school improvement, staff training and development and business efficiencies, we have a range of solutions that can be tailored to the needs of our members.

For more information, explore our website or contact Liz Cresswell (Director) on 01484 406390 for an informal conversation.

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Business efficiencies

Schools can benefit both in terms of finance and efficiency by adopting a collaborative approach to the business functions, facilities and services. Being more efficient in these areas means that schools can be more responsive to need and can focus important resources on delivering excellent...

Staff training & development

A healthy and motivated workforce is the underlying fabric of any successful organisation. The Valley Learning Partnership supports a programme of high- quality training and coaching for staff and provides opportunities for staff development in all areas of school life.

School Improvement Services

We are building a community of learning that both supports and inspires improvement throughout all our partner schools.

Core Services

The Valley Learning Partnership offers a comprehensive range of core services.


Our aim is to create a self-funded partnership model where all members contribute and benefit.


There are lots of benefits of being part of the Valley Learning Partnership.