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Our approach

As a Strategic Learning Partnership, we have an agreed set of aims of objectives.

These include:

  • A partnership for excellence
  • A partnership which has comprehensive and inclusive values at the core
  • A partnership driven by people first; pupils at the centre supported by high quality dedicated staff

We will achieve this with the following approach:

  • A focus on high aspiration and achievement for all partners and associated schools
  • To celebrate and maintain the unique identity of each school within the Partnership
  • To promote mutual support and benefit for all schools
  • To provide breadth and balance within the curriculum of each school and to (continue to) open doors to academic, physical, creative and technical disciplines
  • To promote ‘character education’ for all pupils
  • To promote ‘local’ excellence, measured by well qualified, balanced and resilient pupils prepared for life beyond primary and high school and equipped to make a valuable contribution to society and the world of work
  • To recruit and retain and care for high quality staff and develop leadership for excellence at all levels within the organisation
  • To support governors in partner schools in fulfilling their roles
  • To maintain productive relationships with key local and national bodies who can assist the Partnership to secure its objectives